Mindwerx has been publishing music and printed material since 1996. Mindwerx is an established publisher with BMI, one of the major clearinghouses for music in the world. Mindwerx has been the exclusive publisher of Ravenhurst Records since 2003 and a member of the Ravenhurst Entertainment Group since 2008.

Need a publisher for your music ?
Contact Mindwerx Publishing (BMI)

Don’t get suckered into other music sites offering to publish your music for annual fees. Publish through Mindwerx for a small one-time fee or a small percent of publishing royalties.

Your compositions generate songwriter royalties when they’re played on the radio, downloaded, or streamed. Only a publisher can collect those royalties for you and without a publisher your airplay and sales are NOT reported to Soundscan, the Nielson rating of music. Without a publisher your music will never appear on the major music charts, so get published today !

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